TSK102 The Translucent Person


“Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever happens on this crowded surface of interactions constituting our world, there is also the sky. The sky is perhaps the simplest example of space, but it is a very important symbol as well. No matter how tangled, crowded, and intense our activities might be, the sky is present too…directly above everything…” Tarthang Tulku, Time, Space, and Knowledge.

The openness of space surrounds us. Yet, there is also space within—the space between internal structures and the intangible, immeasurable psychological spaces that constitute the person we are. This course explores our embodiment as space. Based on the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision, introspective exercises and transformative inquiry disclose the translucent nature of solid “boundaries.” Surfaces and partitions become windows that illuminate the very heart of space.

Prerequisite: Background in meditation and familiarity with the TSK vision.


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