Second weekends from June to December 2017


What is the recipe for human flourishing?

Start with whole food, sunlight, clean air and water, sleep and movement. Mix with a positive orientation, resilience, healthy relationships and community. Fold in a big dollop of joy. Bake this mixture with the rhythms of time and what naturally unfolds is our unique potential of being. Our purpose rises.

What is holding you back from the fullest expression of your being? Join us for a fun and engaged 6-month exploration of the conditions that support human flourishing. Whole foods nutrition, posture and movement, and mind-body relaxation and resilience are the major topics for this series. Each of us is unique, yet the explorations are relevant for everyone.

Empowered with understanding, insight, motivation and support, we can initiate and sustain healthy changes.

Welcome to the Wellness Weekends.


June 10: The Journey Begins
The big picture; appreciation for this precious life
Lab: Getting our lives into rhythm, connecting with the pulse of time

July 8: The Road to Flourishing is Paved with Good Intestines 
Whole foods nutrition; your gut community and ‘you’
Lab: Fermentation and kitchen craft

August 12: The Power of Posture to Shape Well Being
Posture’s role in mood and memory, pain and performance
Lab: The seven gestures in daily life

September 9: Clearing the Inner and Outer Environment
Toxins, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs, and relationships
Lab: Green solutions for home and body care

October 14: Relaxation and Resilience
Creating the internal space to be; meeting and greeting obstacles
Lab: Exploring supports for a good night's sleep 

November 11: Community is the Cure
Interdependence, support, and service
Lab: Purpose, path and ongoing practice 


Wellness Weekends take place on the second weekend of each month from June to December 2017. 

Wellness Weekends are designed as an integrated 6-month series of weekend retreats. The retreats are most powerful when taken as a complete series, but drop-ins are also welcome. 

When you sign up for the entire 6 weekend series by the 2nd weekend, you receive a $120 discount off the total price of $1,980. 


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