Community is the Cure


*This workshop has been postponed. New date will be announced soon.*

While individualism is prized in American culture, it often comes at a cost. We are fundamentally social beings, and thrive on genuine connection with others. Recent research shows that social determinants of health are even more important than genetics. Social separation is a larger cause of disease and death than poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or smoking, and can be pervasive even when our calendars are full. Having community is a bigger driver of your health than the many various diet and lifestyle factors. 

How do we create community? How do we heal the sense of separation and isolation that can occur, even for those individuals that have regular contact with others? What about the pervasive social isolation in our culture?

Please let us join together, to celebrate and cultivate compassion, caring and wisdom that can heal the divide within our culture and within our hearts, and promote the sense of the fundamental interconnectedness that is the truth of our existence.

In our heart of hearts, we all want to express our fullest potential in our precious yet brief lifetime. What may be holding us back? What conditions do we need to cultivate to truly flourish? How do we direct body, speech and mind in the service of realizing our full potential? How do we gently, but intentionally and systematically, transform our daily experience to become the nutrition that fuels our flourishing?

Lab: Purpose, path and ongoing practice.


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