SKM215 Preparing for a World Without Scarcity


The highs and lows of social relationship are bound up in the truth of scarcity. The cooperative bonds of marriage and family have always been economic necessities, without which individuals could not survive.

If there were no scarcity and the shared needs that underlie all these forms of interaction were met effortlessly, we might imagine that this would be a world of happiness and joy. However, the easing of outside pressures might also render present forms of relationship obsolete. In this course we will probe the logic of this dilemma, and what it might mean to adopt new ways of relating to each other.

Through experiential interpersonal exercises, we will engage in playful dyadic and perceptual practices designed to open up and shift our interpersonal interactions and relationships to inner and outer, exploring the structure of relationship and considering adaptations that might allow humanity to prosper.

Open to all.


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