MED508 Silent Retreat: Introduction to Shamatha


5-Day Meditation Retreat 

Stressed out? Need a break from a whirlwind of tasks, responsibilities, and cascading concerns? Research has shown that meditation and silence can both have profoundly positive effects on our mental states and overall happiness.

“Shamatha” means calm abiding. It is a foundational practice that allows for and strengthens all following meditation techniques. It is also a classic, time-tested practice taught in all Buddhist traditions. This retreat focuses on Shamatha with supports, i.e. types of Shamatha where you rest your attention on an object of focus such as breath, a point of contact, or an image.

Silence, meditation, and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga usher you into deeper stages of calm and openness. You’ll return to your life renewed, grounded, and with a sense of inner stability and clarity.

Instructor(s): Nyingma Institute faculty.

Cost: $475 Non-Residential / $965 Residential.  Enrollment closes 2 weeks in advance. 

Please call to register for the residential option, so that we can book a room for you. At this time, online registration is available for nonresidential participation only.

Retreats must meet minimum enrollment to be held. Please sign up early in order to ensure that programs will be offered. 

Contact[email protected] or (510) 809-1000.



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