KNR206 Intermediate Kum Nye: Introduction to The Joy of Being


Embodying Kum Nye: Getting the Juice of Experience

“Kum Nye opens the senses more widely to beauty and joy and restores our inner light, enabling us to get the juice of all kinds of experience.” Joy of Being, 62

This third semester of introduction to Joy of Being continues working with Part 3, “Senses and Perception.” Through relaxation—refining breathing, feeling and seeing—we can turn all manner of mental and physical experience into a positive flow of energy that stimulates good feelings and positive energy. Kum Nye practices and meditations open up space in our tight pressured existence so we can create a new home of feeling. Establishing a foundation, we may “gain some insight into our own spiritual qualities and how they can be further developed” (Joy of Being, 63).

Prerequisites: This course is intended for those with some experience of Kum Nye through Sunday Kum Nye programs, or beginning Kum Nye courses. Or consent of instructor.


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