KNR206 Intermediate Kum Nye: Introduction to The Joy of Being


Supporting Wholeness and Developing Joy

“Kum Nye can balance, integrate, and energize the whole of our being, opening clearer channels of communication between senses, body, and mind and inviting a sense of wholeness and calm that is deeply refreshing.”  Joy of Being, xvii.

Perhaps you feel that something is missing in your life, that you are restless in spite of yoga, meditation and self-help apps. Joy of Being explores a vision of embodiment as a “personal treasure house, a source of beautiful feelings and profound satisfaction.” This ten-week introduction to Tarthang Tulku’s third Kum Nye book sets out practices that develop friendship and harmony between body and mind. Centering on “exercises for the mind,” The Joy of Being develops our sensory capacities and intends to bring light and joy to lives dulled with boredom and poisoned by negativity. We can encourage a more flexible way of being that carries into daily activities and opens us up to joy.

Prerequisites: This course is intended for those with some experience of Kum Nye through Sunday Kum Nye programs, or beginning Kum Nye courses. Or consent of instructor.  No class on Thanksgiving (November 22).


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