KNR108 Kum Nye Dancing


This drop-in class is an introduction to yogic and Kum Nye dancing. It includes some instruction and practice. Lama Palzang, Co-Dean of the Nyingma Institute, teaches dynamic and playful movements that can powerfully transform body, speech, and mind. He draws from Tarthang Tulku’s Kum Nye teachings.

Kum Nye is a form of movement practice that emphasizes awareness and feeling. It is based on ancient Tibetan movement systems for healing and is an opportunity to develop a deep knowledge of our individual embodiment, the specific expression of sacred energy called “myself.”  

This method of dance can release blockages, holding patterns, stress, and negative energy. Drums and instruments will be used. Come dance with us! 

Drop-in: $20/class 

Class series of 5: $90


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