KNR114 Beginning Kum Nye: Balancing and Healing Through the Energy Centers


June 10 – July 1, break in July, then July 29 – Aug 12

"Each center of the body is capable of vibrating with positive energy such as kindness, love, and compassion. Each center is also capable of a very depressing and confusing restlessness or dullness." Gesture of Balance

When we bring our attention to our energy centers and learn about basic patterns of our physical and subtle body functioning, we can balance and help to heal ourselves. This course introduces Kum Nye paths to encourage emotional balance, positive living, and the free flow of healing and sustaining energy. This is an essential course for those who would like to teach Kum Nye. Watch for information about the training programs that are starting at the Nyingma Institute.

Open to all levels of students.


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