KNR207 Intermediate Kum Nye: The Joy of Being: How do You Practice Kum Nye?


June 20 - June 27, break in July, Aug 1 – Aug 15

"The three pillars of spiritual practice are relaxation, meditation, and concentration. Each pillar has skillful methods for transforming the quality of our lives, energizing body and mind, dissolving obstacles to understanding, and awakening the full capacities of human being. Anyone who wishes to focus on Kum Nye can benefit from the inner and outer massage of its postures and movement." Joy of Being

The Kum Nye of Joy of Being can be practiced 1) as a way to relieve tension and agitation 2) in order to sharpen sensory perceptions and bring more beauty and joy into life 3) to calm body and mind and bring ease gently into meditation 4) as a gateway to sublime states of bliss. Students this summer will get in touch with their own relationship to these three spiritual pillars, exploring what sustains, delights, challenges and eases.

Prerequisites: This course is intended for those with some experience of Kum Nye through Sunday Kum Nye programs, and/ or beginning Kum Nye courses. Or admission through consent of instructor.


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