KNR208 Kum Joy of Being: How to Change the Pattern


The Joy of Being Path: How to Change the Pattern Through Relieving Busyness and Attuning to What Supports the Whole of Our Being

“For a long time, we have relied on mind to direct the body. Kum Nye teaches us that the body can also help relax the mind and stimulate its sensory capacities.” “The practice of Kum Nye promotes deep relaxation, giving mind space to be” Joy of Being, 114, 115.

Asking how to change the pattern of what limits beauty, clarity, and ease, the second year of this ongoing Joy of Being class continues to tune and deeply relax body, breath, and mind. Starting with chapter 17 of Joy of Being, “Mind and Perceptions,” our practices “look beneath the patterns woven into mind” in order to experience more directly the “sensing aspect of mind” that opens to wonder and new ways of knowing.

This course requires prior experience with Kum Nye or consent of the instructor


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