Scheduled Dates

4/27/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
5/4/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
5/11/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
5/18/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
5/25/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
6/1/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
6/8/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
6/15/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM

MED206 Openness Mind in Challenging Times

Dates: 4/27/2020 to 6/15/2020
Schedule: Mo 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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Located in : New House, Main Classroom
Instructor: Bob Byrne

Regular Student: $144.00

Meditation is a way of opening our lives to the richness of experience, Tarthang Tulku writes in Openness Mind. In this kind of meditation we learn to embrace and learn from whatever we experience. Even in the most challenging times, we can cultivate this awareness. In this class, we work with meditation practices to open the mind to what is. Students will learn to look directly at the patterns of thought that trap them in tension and frustration, and work with practices to loosen and relax old strategies. These meditation practices open to a new way of being in the world. 


Prerequisites:  Open to anyone who practices meditation.