Scheduled Dates

10/26/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
11/2/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
11/9/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
11/16/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
11/23/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
11/30/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
12/7/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM
12/14/2020   11:00 AM  12:30 PM

MED225 Intermediate Meditation, Deepening Meditation: Weekly Shamatha Practice

Dates: 10/26/2020 to 12/14/2020
Schedule: Mo 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom1
Instructor: Bob Byrne

Regular Student: $144.00

Do you find yourself lagging behind in your commitment to meditation practice? Did you think that the virus-lockdown would have freed you to deepen your meditation only to find yourself more distracted than ever? If you want to deepen your practice, and develop the calm confidence that only regular meditation can bring, join Bob Byrne, an experienced meditation instructor and longtime student of Tarthang Tulku, for weekly practice and discussion. Shamatha meditation will be emphasized along with guidance to develop concentration, deepen feeling, and provoke insight into openness.

Prerequisites: Open to all meditators.