Scheduled Dates

2/18/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
2/25/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/4/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/11/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/18/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/25/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
4/1/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
4/8/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM

NPS224 The Way of Caring: Inner Resources for the Heart, Level 3

Dates: 2/18/2021 to 4/8/2021
Schedule: Th 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom 3
Instructor: Pema Gellek

Regular Student: $144.00
We concentrate this term on the inner healing that caring makes possible. If we could tap a secret joy in caring, we would have a great inner resource that could be a foundation for our well-being and happiness. Through reading, discussion, and practice we begin to develop communication with the heart that can transform our behavior into caring. If you have read Tarthang Tulku’s Caring before, or are new to his book, this class will deepen your understanding of caring and reveal its healing possibilities.