Scheduled Dates

2/25/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/3/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/10/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/17/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/24/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
3/31/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
4/7/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
4/14/2020   07:00 PM  08:30 PM

DHS205 Compassion In Action

Dates: 2/25/2020 to 4/14/2020
Schedule: Tu 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Main House, Kangyur Room
Instructor: Hugh Joswick

Regular Student: $164.00

The depth and vastness of the Dharma restores the foundation, purpose, and direction of human life, inspiring a way of living oriented toward loving-kindness, compassion, and selflessness. In this introduction to Buddhist history we explore what it means to live a life dedicated to compassion. We also trace the movement of the Dharma through India before the Common Era. 

Additional Information

 In Part 2 of Compassion in Action, we explore what it means to live a life dedicated to compassion and wisdom, tracing the movement of the Dharma through different times and cultures, looking at biographies of great masters, men and women from India and Tibet. We will also continue to cultivate inner capabilities for compassionate wisdom and deepen the knowledge of cause and effect through studying interdependent arising (pratityasamutpada).


Primary readings: Light of Liberation (Crystal Mirror 8) and Ways of Enlightenment; with readings from Crystal Mirror 10, 6, & 7; The Marvelous Companion: Life Stories of the Buddha; Master of Wisdom; Buddha's Lions; Ancient Tibet; Keys of Knowledge; World Peace Ceremony

Includes one workshop — DHS419 Kamalashila and the Stages of Meditation.

Additional Instructor: Mark Henderson