Scheduled Dates

3/23/2020   10:00 AM  04:45 PM
3/27/2020   10:00 AM  04:45 PM

DHS547 Wisdom in Action: Each Day as the Path of Dharma

Dates: 3/23/2020 to 3/27/2020
Schedule: Mo Fr 10:00 AM - 04:45 PM

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Located in : New House, Main Classroom
Instructor: Pema Gellek

Regular Student: $565.00

Rooted in traditional Tibetan Dharma teachings, this program presents skillful ways of understanding and living that come into being as we exercise the six paramitas — generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom. 

What might be possible if we ventured beyond the structured realm of relative knowing, narrowing reason, and ordinary mind?  We can embrace inquiry, meditation, and the practice of the six paramitas to access creative energy and a direct, vitalizing knowing. 

Instructor(s): Pema Gellek, Lama Palzang, Hugh Joswick, Abbe Blum, Mark Henderson.

Cost: Residential $870 / Non-Residential $565. Residential includes a 4-night stay in a private room, instruction, self-serve breakfast, buffet lunch and dinner each day. Non-Residential includes instruction and lunch only. Retreat begins 10:00 AM on Monday and ends 4:45 PM on Friday. 

Online registration is available for non-residential participation only. For residential registration, please contact us directly to reserve your room.