Scheduled Dates

1/13/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/20/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/27/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
2/3/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM

NPR103 Dream Yoga And Authentic Communication

Dates: 1/13/2021 to 2/3/2021
Schedule: We 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom 1
Instructor: Santosh Philip

Regular Student: $72.00

Although we spend many hours dreaming, we may awake with only vague memories of our dreams. Specific meditation and visualization exercises from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition can bring a special awareness into the dream state that heightens consciousness within dreams.

In this course we will be working with practices that relax body and mind and that open responsiveness in the throat area. In particular we will use a visualization practice given in Tarthang Tulku's chapter “Dream Lotus” in Openness Mind, pp. 87-90.